Starcatchers is a pioneering organisation which specialises in performances and creativity for babies, toddlers and young children under the age of 5 in Scotland.

We work in partnership with artists, arts centres, child-care settings and families to develop innovative and inspiring creative experiences and performances for this amazing audience to enjoy with their parents, carers, families and educators.

Our work is designed to nurture young children's creative and cognitive development, sparking their imaginations. In a broader sense, this allow us to connect with new audiences, support artists' and educator's creativity and contribute to the development of early years creativity and performance in Scotland.

You can find lots of information on this site about our past as well as current projects, opportunities to take part in performances or experiences and download resources that might be useful at home or in the nursery.  The site will be updated regularly with new information and opportunities.  Don't forget to join our mailing list to receive regular updates.


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