Mara Barth

Mara has worked across education and the arts for over 10 years. She has worked with community groups,  in arts organisations, schools and early years in Portugal, Germany and Scotland. Mara believes access to creative exploration and expression is essential in supporting autonomy, personal development and wellbeing throughout our lives.

David Paul Jones

David Paul Jones composed the beautiful musical score that accompanies The Attic, and has been a cast member in both the 2011 and 2018 tours.

Gowan Calder

Gowan Calder is an experienced performer who plays Lucy’s grandmother in The Attic’s 2017/18 tour.

Keith Mcleish

Keith Mcleish has performed all over the world. He plays David Paul Jones’ gorgeous musical score that accompanies The Attic and has been a cast member in both the 2012 and 2018 tours.

Ben Fletcher-Watson

Dr Ben Fletcher-Watson manages the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a PhD in Drama from the University of St Andrews, and has studied at Emory University and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. His research interests include theatre for Early Years, relaxed performance and neurodiverse arts, and… Read more »

Danny Krass

Danny Krass is a composer and sound designer

Ania Michaelis

Ania Michaelis is a theatre maker and artistic director

Abigail Sinar

Abigail is a community musician, violinist and composer

Jen Edgar

Jen is a theatre artist whose work consists of making theatre and creative experiences with and for people of all ages

Greg Sinclair

  Greg Sinclair is an award-winning musician and live artist. He makes children’s theatre with two clear aims: he starts with a musical idea, and he collaborates with children to make his work. His performance Sonata for a Man and a Boy was the winner of the 2013 Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland award for… Read more »