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The Attic | Winter 17/18

For 2 - 4 year olds & their adults

Starcatchers & Hazel Darwin-Clements present The Attic

Created by Hazel Darwin-Clements

Grandma and Lucy are up in the attic where all the memories are stored.

Come up the stairs, blow away the cobwebs and peek into the boxes. Who knows what might happen when the sleepy attic comes to life.

Set to a live, original piano score, two characters discover a magical place filled with hidden treasures. The precious remainders of past generations are woven into new memories as Lucy entices her grandmother to enter her imaginary world. Little ones and their carers are invited to watch and then join in an extravagant tea party under the stars.

The Attic tours to Carnegie Hall in December and The Studio at the Festival Theatre in January 2018.