who we are

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Starcatchers is a producer-led organisation that works with a range of associate artists and companies to deliver our projects and performances.  

We believe that:

  • Creativity has a fundamental role in supporting early child development
  • Creating performances and arts experiences for very young children is inspiring for artists
  • Creating opportunities for educators to build their confidence in using creativity in their every day practice can have a significant impact on them and the children they care for


Starcatchers began as a pilot project at North Edinburgh Arts Centre in Muirhouse in Edinburgh in October 2006.  With funding from the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) the pilot Starcatchers project revolutionised early years theatre in Scotland.  Through two phases of artist residency, led firstly by Andy Manley and Vanessa Rigg and then by Heather Fulton, the work delivered by these artists opened up the possibility of theatre for babies to a Scottish audience.

In 2009, Starcatchers moved to become part of the Imaginate Art-form Development programme and for the next two years, supported by the Creative Scotland National Lottery Inspire Fund, Starcatchers delivered a new programme of artist residencies in four new communities led by Matt Addicott, Katy Wilson, Sacha Kyle and Hazel Darwin-Edwards. 

More information about the pilot project and Inspire project can be found in the Past Projects section of the website.

In 2011, Starcatchers was established as an organisation in it's own right with a vision and plan to build on the success of our previous work and developing the potential of creativity in early years in Scotland.