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Take a big deep breath, slowly breathe out, then say “Oh! My arm’s gone to sleep!” Completely relax one arm – you or your wee one can flop it about and it just falls back, completely relaxed. Gentle pats can wake it up again.


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Make a sound (woof like a dog, rumble like a washing machine) and ask your wee one to find
or point to the object that makes the same sound. Start with sounds in the same room, then expand to sounds from around the home or even outside.

Episode 2: Pearl Kinnear, Visual Arts

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For the first episode of our podcast, we were joined by Pearl Kinnear, Glasgow-based visual artist. She spoke to us about community Lego art, concrete gingerbread men, and shared some visual arts ideas to try in your setting.


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Take some plastic tubs, food colouring or paint, and a selection of different things to ‘hide’:
ribbons, small plastic toys, leaves and flowers – anything that can be frozen in the coloured water and ‘found’ again as the chunks of ice melt.


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If you have a wee one who loves ripping or shredding bits of paper, turn it into temporary art. Bits of coloured paper from takeaway menus, magazines or junk mail can be sorted into colours to make shapes, mosaic pictures or even a rainbow!


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With a little imagination a mark on a tree can turn into an eye, nose or mouth! Next time you
see a ‘face’ when out and about, show your wee one – you’ll soon be chatting about the happy
tree, the shocked house or the grumpy drain.


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Abstract drawing is great for children who worry about getting things ‘wrong’. Draw a squiggle or shape then pass the paper so your wee one can add their own shape or squiggle. Keep going – taking turns or drawing at the same time.