Hello players! Are you ready to tackle The Refs Ultimate Obstacle Course Challenge?  


Turn your living room; hallway; garden or even the park into an obstacle course – Tank and Bogie are here with all the flags and whistles to help little ones 0-5 and their grown-ups create the ultimate playing space! 


Let your wee athletes show off their sporting talents as they crawl, run, roll or even toddle their way to the finish line achieving world-class physical performance under the expert guidance of their grown-ups.  


Watch  the films together;  pause  and play  as much as you like! Please share your sporting achievements with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to see your creative obstacles and victory dances! 


So, what are you waiting for….Ready, Steady…GO! 


Indoor Obstacle Course

The Refs – Indoor Obstacle Course from Starcatchers on Vimeo.


Outdoor Obstacle Course


The Refs – Outdoor Obstacle Course from Starcatchers on Vimeo.


The Final – Team Obstacle  

The Refs – Team Obstacle THE FINAL from Starcatchers on Vimeo.