Katy Wilson: Band Manager & Designer | Geraldine Heaney: Vocals / Guitar | Liam Chapman: Drums | Kim Donohoe: Vocals | Greg Sinclair: Cello & Keyboard | Pete Lannon: Guitar, Sus Appelbe: Bass, Rory Clark: Trumpet

Sprog Rock are hitting the road this autumn, visiting nurseries in 4 different local authorities in Scotland; Inverclyde, Easterhouse, Glasgow, Stirling & Craigmiller. The band will be spending time in the nursery settings to create music and songs inspired by and written with the nursery children! Then they’ll tour this brilliant set list to four venues in the communities they’ve visited.


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Name: 🌟 Susan Appelbe 🌟

👉🏽 Bands you play with? Fauna (string quartet) Jemima Thewes

👉🏽 Instruments you play? Cello, bass, piano

👉🏽 Other things you do that are not music? Enjoying being a new mother, running, climbing hills and cooking

👉🏽 One of your favourite songs? Bobbie Jean by Bruce Springsteen

👉🏽 Cool attribute? I eat food at lightening speeds, even when roasting hot 😯

Name:  🌟 Kim Donohoe 🌟

👉🏽 Bands you play with? As well as Sprog Rock I spend lots of time jamming with other bands of super cool young people including Faces in the Crowd and The Boys as part of KOR! Records.

👉🏽 Instruments you play? Singing and sometimes keys, and I do lots of dancing/dressing up/audience participation in the band!

👉🏽 Other things you do that are not music? I make and perform in theatre shows for babies and children (and sometimes even grown up’s) I also make new arts projects for that can happen in schools, venues and other fun places. Most recently I was part of All Night, Tonight late night TV station for kids who can’t (or won’t sleep). Right now I’m excited to start making a brand new circus show for under 2s called Little Top.

👉🏽 One of your favourite songs? I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline

👉🏽 Cool attribute? I once made a show with my best friend all about how much we love female country music stars 🎶

Name: 🌟 Liam Chapman 🌟

👉🏽 Bands you play with? C Duncan, Miaoux Miaoux, Prehistoric Friends

👉🏽 Instruments you play? Drums/Percussion/Piano/Vocals

👉🏽 Other things you do that are not music? Creating things, coffee-making, growing plants, museums, cycling, mountain treks, film-watching, swimming in the sea.

👉🏽 One of your favourite songs? TOPS – Way To Be Loved

👉🏽 Cool attribute? Weird, long and wobbly arms for drumming

Name:  🌟 Greg Sinclair 🌟

👉🏽 Bands you play with? Just Sprog Rock! #exclusive

👉🏽 Instruments you play? Cello, piano, vocals

👉🏽 Other things you do that are not music? Walk my dog, hang out at my allotment, go to the theatre, I’m trying to learn German.

👉🏽 One of your favourite songs? Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Over and Over Again

👉🏽 Cool attribute? I have brushed my teeth in front of an audience

Name: 🌟 Geraldine Heaney 🌟

👉🏽 Bands you play with? Sprog Rock, Co-run a record label with Kim Donohoe and Pete Lannon called KOR! Records, I’ve made a couple of music videos and films.

👉🏽 Instruments you play? I sing, play the guitar and a bit of keyboard. I’m pretty enthusiastic I’ll give anything a go

👉🏽 Other things you do that are not music? I’m making a show with a group of 8-12 year olds called Creation Station, about trying to save the world. I’m working on a 2 year project called PUSH with Imaginate and 4 other European arts organisations making a film with artists all over Europe. I also love learning dance routines and have turned that into a project with my friend Lou called Women Dancing.

👉🏽 One of your favourite songs? Don’t Falter by Mint Royale featuring Lauren Laverne

👉🏽 Cool attribute? I can communicate using British Sign Language

Name:  🌟 Pete Lannon 🌟

👉🏽 Bands you play with? As well as Sprog Rock I jam with a few bands as part of the record label I run with Geraldine and Kim (KOR! Records) including Faces in the Crowd and The Boys. I’ve also been making chilled out electro music with my sister and we both still play with our high school band Ditch Your Sidekicks.

👉🏽 Instruments you play? Guitar, vocals, and sometimes making electronic beep boops

👉🏽 Other things you do that are not music? I usually work as a performer and a director in theatre. My most recent show was called Bird Bones. I perform in it with two children aged 9 and 12 and we run and jump about and climb over a big scaffolding climbing frame. I also spend quite a lot of time in shows pretending to be different animals – so far in performances I have been a lion, a baby bird, a parrot, a crow, a tiger, a dolphin, a rat, a lobster and a wolf.

👉🏽 One of your favourite songs? Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie

👉🏽 Cool attribute? I’m really good at drawing dragons


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