Panning for Gold

As Hup, our classical music and theatre experience for babies premieres in New York, co-creator Hazel Darwin-Clements reflects on the process involved in creating music and theatre that babies and their adults can connect with.

Discoveries | #DiscoverTheAttic

Hazel is the creator of The Attic, and performs the role of Lucy in the show as she did during its first tour in 2011/12. Now, as the company work towards the opening shows on Wednesday at Carnegie Hall in Fife, Hazel shares some of the discoveries they’ve made as a team so far.

Recording the Music of Sprog Rock

Artist Kim Donohoe is one of the brilliant members of the Sprog Rock band who recently toured all across Scotland writing brand new music with local children. The band have just finished the tour, and are now working together with videographer Jassy Earl, to create a tour film and record some of the music. Here, Kim takes us behind the scenes at the recording studio.

Creative Kin in Moray – It’s here!

Heather Fulton is Artistic Director of Frozen Charlotte Productions and a Starcatchers Associate Artist. As part of the Creative Kin project she is leading the sessions that we recently began in Moray. In this blog Heather breaks down why the shared creative experience between a child and the adult who cares for them is the most invaluable experience for every family.

Ellie’s Egg Part One | Expecting Something

Lead Artist in Lochgelly – and Starcatchers Associate Artist – Hazel Darwin-Clements writes this week about the Lochgelly group’s adventures so far in creating their own artistic project.

We’ll be the Same . . . But Different . . . | Final Sprog Blog

We’ve been reminiscing about Sprog Rock ever since the last gig on Saturday 4 November at Lyra, and we’re not the only ones! Sprog Rock have been too – and we’re delighted to share this final blog by band member Pete Lannon about some of his most memorable moments . . .