“i hope that this art project goes well”

Jillian Read spent five weeks with the WHALE Expecting Something group as an Emergent Artist. Her interest was film and blogging which she used to capture the essence of the group over the weeks.

Listen and Watch

Kirstin Cunningham spent five with the Lochgelly Expecting Something group as an Emergent Artist. Her background was in Photography which she shared with us during a photo session. As part of her lead session Kirstin transformed the space into a UV light installation.

Blog Rock

A mini Sprog Rock blog from our gigs with Expecting Something.

What a Line-Up!

Lead Artist Katy Wilson gives us a breakdown of all the creative activity that’s coming up for the Expecting Something families!


Lead Artist Hazel Darwin-Edwards reflects on her time with the groups as she prepares to leave to have her own baby.

Pop-Up Spaces and Play Outfits

Lead Artist Hazel Darwin-Edwards discuss the two different projects taken on by the Expecting Something groups in Wester Hailes and Lochgelly.

The Balloon Story

Lead Artist Hazel Darwin-Edwards writes about what happened when a balloon got loose and how the group worked together to get it back!

Let’s Get Messy?

Lead Artist Katy Wilson shares her thoughts about the wonders and the challenges of messy play

Striking the Right Chord

Guest Artists at Expecting Something in Lochgelly this week were Maria Giergiel and Zac Scott who brought music to the mums and babies