Hazel Darwin-Edwards

Hazel has worked on several projects and residencies with Starcatchers as a theatre maker, performer and puppeteer. Most recently she has been co-leading a project called Expecting Something with parents under 25 and their babies, and also delivering workshops across Scotland for adults who work with Early Years as part of their Creative Skills Programme. She has created and performed several shows with Starcatchers including Hup, Too Many Cooksthe Forgotten Forestthe Attic and Round in Circles.

The Project

The forgotten forest was a new residency process for Starcatchers working with a new partner in a very different way.

After being approached by Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Starcatchers delivered a 5-month residency which saw the creation of an installation space in the John Hope Gateway which was open 7 days a week to the public and this was supported by a programme of mini performances and workshops that the public could participate in every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

The installation space was designed by Claire Halleran and used many elements from the production of First Light that she made for Matt Addicott at Platform.  The residency programme was led by Hazel Darwin-Edwards with support from Kim Donohoe and a team of artists and volunteers.

The installation space proved to be very popular with parents and carers which has informed planning for future Starcatchers work.