Abigail Sinar & Hazel Darwin-Edwards

Hazel Darwin-Edwards has worked on several projects and residencies with Starcatchers as a theatre maker, performer and puppeteer. Most recently she has been co-leading a project called Expecting Something with parents under 25 and their babies, and also delivering workshops across Scotland for adults who work with Early Years as part of their Creative Skills Programme.

Abigail Sinar is a community musician, violinist and composer.  She has worked extensively across Scotland, delivering community, education and composition projects for many local authorities and national organisations, including Drake Music Scotland and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.  She is particularly interested in overcoming barriers to make musical experiences accessible to everyone.

The Project

Nickum was an exciting co-project between Starcatchers, the RSNO and Aberdeen City Council which saw Starcatchers Artist Hazel Darwin-Edwards and Musician Abigail Sinar undertaking residencies in two nurseries in Aberdeen.


Nickum saw artists Abigail Sinar and Hazel Darwin Edwards working with babies, their parents and nursery staff to explore how they interacted and engaged with a range of artistic inputs over a period of 6 months. At the end of the residency Hazel and Abigail had created a work-in-progress called Hup! drawing on the responses from the babies, carers and nursery staff to classical music and theatre throughout the project.

Through this process the artists developed a beautiful, original classical score that was inspired by the children. The Hup work in progress was successfully shared in a range of nursery settings in Aberdeen in the Spring of 2014. With support from Creative Scotland, Hup was developed further in early 2015 to create a versatile, bright, engaging theatrical experience for our youngest audience which toured all over Scotland in 2015 and internationally to Canada, Hong Kong and Macau in 2016 premiering in August at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.



Loved the interaction at the end! Lovely!


Was completely enraptured the whole time


Some were very shy but most got very involved; lots of smiles, dancing and laughing.


They really changed mood and vocal range while it was quiet with classical music playing. They seemed soothed and peaceful.

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