Hup Fringe 2016

After its success in 2015/16, Hup was programmed to perform at the Festival Fringe 2016 at the EICC under the banner of Pleasance Kids.

Moving Matters: Play, Create, Imagine

Creative movement artist Skye Reynolds led a 5 month residency project at Hillend Children’s Centre in Greenock which aims to explore the impact consistent creative movement sessions has on the children, parents and staff.

Talking Tales

Andy Cannon delivers a pilot project looking at playful ways to explore language and support language development with children aged 0-3 using stories and storytelling.

Wee Wanders

Starcatchers worked with the National Galleries of Scotland on a new pilot project called Wee Wanders with help from the children, staff and parents at Canal View Nursery School.

A Small Story

A beautiful and intricate show bringing everyday objects to life for those aged 2 and over by Andy Manley & Ania Michealis

The News + Weather

The News + Weather is an entertaining programme of news and current affairs stories devised by the three- to five-year-olds in Falkirk and Glasgow, giving a child’s eye view of their world.

Yarla and the Winter Wood

Filled with music, song and animation, Yarla and the Winter Wood is a multi-sensory story for 6 months – 3 years, that children and adults alike will find enchanting

Sonic Playground

Welcome to the Sonic Playground, an interactive installation for young children aged 2+ and their carers

Too Many Cooks

An inventive, playful and sensory experience for 2-5 year olds, where pots and pans cook up melodies and food becomes fun.

The Forgotten Forest

After being approached by Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Starcatchers delivered a 5-month residency which saw the creation of an installation space in the John Hope Gateway