Come and visit a very special house where all is not as it seems. Watch the rooms and chimneys grow, and see how many shapes and textures you can spot!

My House was first performed at NEAC in February 2008. The production has gone on to capture the imaginations of young children at festivals in Scotland, Spain, Italy and Austria as well as the New Victory Theatre, New York as part of a season of Scottish Children’s Theatre supported by Imaginate and the Scottish Government Edinburgh Festival’s Expo Fund.

PREMIERED @ Starcatchers Symposium 2007
Imaginate Festival Edinburgh 2008
La Baracca Visioni Festival 2008 – MEETS ANIA MICHEALIS (leads to A Small Story 2014)
Accion Educativa Madrid 2008
Bim Bam Festival Salzburg 2009
Bravo Festival Helsinki 2010
New York (New Victory Theatre) 2009
A Coruna Spain 2010
Theatre O.N Berline 2010
Kaolin et Barbotine Limoges 2011
Theater Lichtenstein 2011
Young at Art, Belfast 2012
Pepites – L’Art et les tout petits Festival Charlerois 2011

Claire Halleran
Danny Krass (Worked on A Small Story)

Scotsman 2008

Manley’s show is aimed at children of two or three, but it seems ideal for tots even younger than that, children just on the brink of the magical realisation that images in books or pictures correspond to real things in the world. In a bright-red bobble hat, Manley explores the pages of a little book that’s lying on the floor, and of a big book that makes up the set; and how the images interact with the real world. […] The show lasts just half an hour, but its atmosphere of exploration, wonder and recognition is enthralling; and to judge by the excited response of some of the 18-month-olds in the front row, it hit their tiny, blossoming imaginations in exactly the right spot.

NY Times 2009

What Americans will find familiar, though, is the festival’s emphasis on narrative. Even “My House,” the toddlers’ show, hints at a tale. Created by Andy Manley in association with Starcatchers, a Scottish project researching the development of theater for the very young, it features Mr. Manley as a resident of a house — a multilayered painted box. He has an ambivalent relationship with a neighbor who wants to move in. The interloper? A watermelon.