Artist Sacha Kyle was resident artist for Starcatchers at Tramway as part of The Inspire Project which was a four year long residency for four separate artists at four different venues.

Artists also part of the Inspire Project were:

Hazel Darwin Edwards | The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Katy Wilson | Tramway Glasgow

Matt Addicott | Platform, Glasgow

The artists worked amongst their local communities, in nurseries, parent and toddler groups and in venues, gathering information, observing play and responding by delivering and creating works in progress.

Alongside this work, Strathclyde University Department of Education were commissioned to undertake an action research programme. Each artist had a researcher dedicated to their residency, looking into the effects of their work on early year’s audiences. The research was published at the end of the project with key findings presented at the Starcatchers International Symposium. Go to the evaluation page to read the report Live Art – Arts Alive.


Dainty and delightful dancers accompanied by a live musician created an upside down inside out world full of daisies!

Oops a Daisy is a live, fresh theatre experience full of movement and music! Join us for a fun, spontaneous and exciting experience for both children and parents.



Encouraging healthy attachment and bonding between caregiver and child, BabyChill is filled with soothing music and a super soft interior to create a unique shared experience.


Luvhart is magical tale about two very special wind up figurines living inside a magical cuckoo clock. Presented as a visually quirky and whimsical journey through the changing seasons, Luvhart is a humourous piece of physical theatre accompanied by live cello exploring what it feels like to be lonely and the importance of friendship.