Projects created as part of the Starcatchers Symposium

ARCHAEOLOGY developed in 2009


Archaeology was developed from a series of workshops run by Andy Manley and Rosie Gibson at North Edinburgh Arts Centre in June 2007 which explored the relationship between theatre and visual art. Archaeology was created with support from the Small Size, the European Network for the diffusion of performing arts for early years and Scottish Arts Council New Work Development Fund. Archaeology was first performed at NEAC in February 2009 with further performances at The Byre Theatre and Polka Theatre, Wimbledon.



I was lucky enough to collaborate on with Andy Manley on Archaeology – A Worm’s Story a  theatre and visual art piece for the very young, which we took to Polka Theatre in London for their summer season.  The piece was the story of two archaeologists on the hunt for a green wooden spoon.  Their quest takes place on a giant cardboard set/site with lots of flaps and hidey holes.   They are sabotaged by pesky  pink knitted worms who magically appear and disappear through worm holes, revealing bits and pieces of pink leisurewear as they go.  To cut a long story short (!), the archaeologists slowly realise they are actually pink worms, shed their digging togs to reveal the pink worms they really are and find the green spoon along the way! As they wriggle off into the sunset, the children get to come on to the dig site to explore and find lots more worms and treasures as they go.