Since March 2013, children from Avonbridge, Heathrigg and Westquarter Nursery Schools in Falkirk and Bonnybroom, Helenslea and Westercraigs Nursery Schools in Glasgow, had been working with artists Matt Addicott, Katy Wilson and Toad’s Caravan (Joanna Susskind) to create a very unique film.

The resulting short –The News + Weather is an entertaining programme of news and current affairs stories devised by the three- to five-year-olds in Falkirk and Glasgow, giving a child’s eye view of their world. The project was produced by Starcatchers and Toad’s Caravan and artists Matt Addicott and Katy Wilson in partnership with Falkirk Community Trust, Glasgow Film Theatre and with assistance from Platform. The film has been made with support from the Creative Scotland Public Engagement fund.

Created over 10 workshop sessions in each nursery, the children have taken part in each stage of the process, from devising the content of the film, presenting, acting, and filming. The finished documentary was shown at special private gala screenings at Platform, Glasgow and The Hippodrome, Bo’ness  in June 2013.

The News and the Weather follows on from the success of This Sucks! The Movie by Matt Addicott, Katy Wilson & Toad’s Caravan. WATCH IT BELOW!