Oops a Daisy

Oops a Daisy is a live, fresh theatre experience full of movement and music! Join us for a fun, spontaneous and exciting experience for both children and parents.


Presented as a visually quirky and whimsical journey through the changing seasons, Luvhart is a humourous piece of physical theatre accompanied by live cello exploring what it feels like to be lonely and the importance of friendship.

Round In Circles

Especially designed for babies and toddlers aged 1-3, Round in Circles immerses the audience in a world where everything is circular.

Multi-Coloured Blocks from Space

In this place you see everything for the first time, no matter what age you are, 0 to 4 years old or ten times as big as grown up adventurers.

Will You Be My Guinea Pig?

Will You Be My Guinea Pig? was an interactive installation involving live drawing, music, projection and a giant guinea pig.

Sprog Rock

Sprog Rock brought together a range of musicians who hadn’t created or worked with this age group before.

The Incredible Singing Choir

The Incredible Singing Choir was a 5 minute theatre experience held in the swimming pool at Platform for babies and their adults to enjoy together.

First Light

First Light was created by Matt Addicott during his residency at Platform, Glasgow as part of Starcatchers’ Inspire Project.

Elf Experiment

Elf Experiment was an exploratory performance workshop which visited nurseries across East Glasgow