Andy Manley & Rosie Gibson

Andy Manley is a theatre artist based in the UK. He creates performances largely through devising, though has worked on several written projects. He directs or performs depending on what feels right, and started making his own work in 2006. Andy works with a number of artists and collaborators to create his shows. Over the last few years he has specialised in creating performances for children and latterly work for the very young. Andy’s work tours extensively to UK and international venues and festivals.

Rosie Gibson is a visual artist who frequently finds herself collaborating with theatre practitioners whose skills complement her practice very well and extend her range. Their approach is gregarious, group orientated and celebratory, complimenting Rosie’s – introverted, intimate, and operating under the radar. Rosie created and performed Archeology in 2009 as well as devised an exhibition for the Starcatchers’ Symposium Exhibition at Macrobert in 2011, as well as creating Dreamstart, an interactive installation at Starcatchers’ Creative Revolution in 2015.

The Production

Once on the surface
Magical and mischievious
The treasure captivates
and teases us
Dancing and disappearing
Hiding and reappearing
While the wriggly worm watches
And might lead us to torches!

Archaeology was developed from a series of workshops run by Andy Manley and Rosie Gibson at North Edinburgh Arts Centre in June 2007 which explored the relationship between theatre and visual art. Archaeology was created with support from the Small Size, the European Network for the diffusion of performing arts for early years and Scottish Arts Council New Work Development Fund. Archaeology was first performed at NEAC in February 2009 with further performances at The Byre Theatre and Polka Theatre, Wimbledon.

The original Starcatchers pilot project was based at North Edinburgh Arts Centre from 2006 – 2008. Starcatchers was then based at Imaginate and together they went on to develop a new project funded by the Scottish Arts Council Inspire Fund. This project began in April 2009 with work for very young children taking place in different parts of Scotland.

Audience Feedback

Fred was very impressed with Archeology @polkatheatre yesterday, his first ever play! Lots of digging and fun 🙂


enthralled explorers… get to really dig the show


Polka Theatre | London 6 July – 20 Aug

Additional Information

Creative Team

Performers: Andy Manley & Rosie Gibson

Lighting Design: Dave Shea

Composer: Peter Vilk

Animation: Sacha Kahir

Production Manager: Gary Morgan

Producer: Rhona Matheson

Project Supporters