Matt Addicott

Matt Addicott is a performance maker and theatre director. He first worked with Starcatchers in 2007, performing in Little Light created by Andy Manley and Vanessa Rigg. He was Starcatchers Artist in Residence at Platform in Easterhouse, Glasgow.  Whilst in post he created numerous new and original works for early years audiences including live performances The Incredible Swimming Choir, First Light, This Workshop Sucks, The Elf Experiment and The Cloud Factory.

The Production

Between night and day

When everybody is asleep

They are having fun

Meet the Man in the Moon and a woman called Dawn as they work, play and meet at sunrise.

With few words and lots of music Platform’s Starcatchers Artist in Residence; Matt Addicott presents this delicate story of that magical moment when night meets day…

First Light was created by Matt Addicott during his residency at Platform, Glasgow as part of Starcatchers’ Inspire Project. It was also performed at the Starcatchers International Symposium in 2011.

Other artists involved in the project were Scott Twynhol, Jen Edgar and Claire Halleran amongst others.

Audience Feedback

‘The children in the audience seemed really entranced.’


‘The anticipation kept their attention.’


‘Great for baby to be immersed in colour, light and sound.’


‘The purpose built space was a beautiful. Magical environment, full of surprises.’


‘Very enjoyable and a different experience.’


Platform | Glasgow 26-31 August

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