Katy Wilson

Katy Wilson has worked with Starcatchers for 10 years. She is a magpie for bright colours and has found her visual art background totally compatible with the things babies are attracted to. Katy likes to create new worlds and environments for people to feel good , relaxed and inspired in – often sophisticated and far from conventional baby friendly spaces – she likes to shake things up. Katy also delivers the Expecting Something project for young parents and their babies under 2.

The Production

Our footprints crunch in snow and a keyboard tinkles in the wind. In this place you see everything for the first time, no matter what age you are, 0 to 4 years old or ten times as big as grown up adventurers.

We hope your heart dances, there’s a song in your tummy and a smile on your nose.

Katy Wilson created Ice Pole during her residency at Tramway as part of Starcatchers’ Inspire Project.

Icepole and Multi Coloured Blocks from Space inspired Katy to create Blue Block Studio.



Tramway| Glasgow 29 & 30 January

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