Andy Manley & Vanessa Rigg

Andy Manley is a theatre artist based in the UK.  He creates performances largely through devising, though has worked on several written projects. He directs or performs depending on what feels right for the project. He started to make his own work in 2006. Before that he was an actor.  Andy works with a number of artists and collaborators to create his shows.

Vanessa Rigg is a theatre practitioner, performer, director and arts development officer. She is currently working as part of the Creative Learning team with Renfrewshire Leisure, specialising in cultural experiences for early years. She has performed and toured extensively in the UK and Europe with Footsbarn Theatre and Teatro ao Largo. She also has an early years theatre, music and dance performance on tour called Swoosh.

The Production

Little Light high, Little Light low

Little Light fast, Little Light slow

Little Light is on a very special journey. Where is Little Light going? No one knows… or do they?

This was a highly interactive and visual performance which was specially created for children aged 0-3 and their parents or carers.

Little Light was the first performance created by artists working on the Starcatchers project at NEAC. Little Light was first performed at North Edinburgh Arts Centre in February 2007. Since then it has been revived for further performances at NEAC and toured Scotland and England in Autumn 2008 as a co-production between Starcatchers and The Byre Theatre. Created by Andy Manley and Vanessa Rigg With Design by Brian Hartley and Music by Stephen Deazley and performed with Matt Addicott.


The List, September 2007:

A beautifully crafted show tailor-made for tiny ears, eyes and noses.


Premiered North Edinburgh Arts centre | Edinburgh January 2007

Starcatchers Symposium | Edinburgh 2007

Edinburgh Festival Fringe | Edinburgh August 2007

National tour of Scotland Autumn 2008

Take Off Festival 2008

Christmas run at Macrobert | Stirling

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