Little Light 2008

Little Light high, Little Light low
Little Light fast, Little Light slow

Little Light is on a very special journey. Where is Little Light going? No one knows… or do they?

Come and explore the world of Little Light in this highly interactive and visual performance which has been specially created for children aged 0-3 and their parents or carers.

Peep 2008

Come sit on the grass, Smell the toast. What can you see? Someone peeping through the clouds, a bird… a song… a balloon… and ME!
Peep was an interactive theatrical installation for 0-3 year olds and their adults. Created by Heather Fulton and Greg Sinclair in 2008, Peep was performed in July 2008 and later toured to Macrobert in 2009.

My House 2008

My house is orange.
The ceiling is furry,
The walls are jaggy,
The faces are shiny,
I like my house,
It’s a lot like me.