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My House 2008

My house is orange.
The ceiling is furry,
The walls are jaggy,
The faces are shiny,
I like my house,
It’s a lot like me.

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Peep 2008

Come sit on the grass, Smell the toast. What can you see? Someone peeping through the clouds, a bird… a song… a balloon… and ME!
Peep was an interactive theatrical installation for 0-3 year olds and their adults. Created by Heather Fulton and Greg Sinclair in 2008, Peep was performed in July 2008 and later toured to Macrobert in 2009.

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Little Light 2008

Little Light high, Little Light low
Little Light fast, Little Light slow

Little Light is on a very special journey. Where is Little Light going? No one knows… or do they?

Come and explore the world of Little Light in this highly interactive and visual performance which has been specially created for children aged 0-3 and their parents or carers.

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We Dance, Wee Groove 2008

Music to move to for you and your funky young things. A chance to get on down and enjoy an amazing selection of fabulous tunes.

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Archeology 2009

Once on the surface
Magical and mischievious
The treasure captivates
and teases us
Dancing and disappearing
Hiding and reappearing
While the wriggly worm watches
And might lead us to torches

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Oops a Daisy 2010

A daisy-tastic whirlwind is about to arrive!

Dainty and delightful dancers accompanied by a live musician create an upside down inside out world full of daisies!

Oops a Daisy is a live, fresh theatre experience full of movement and music! Join us for a fun, spontaneous and exciting experience for both children and parents.

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Ice Pole 2010

Our footprints crunch in snow and a keyboard tinkles in the wind. In this place you see everything for the first time, no matter what age you are, 0 to 4 years old or ten times as big as grown up adventurers.

We hope your heart dances, there’s a song in your tummy and a smile on your nose.

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Baby Chill 2010

Encouraging healthy attachment and bonding between caregiver and child, BabyChill is filled with soothing music and a super soft interior to create a unique shared experience.

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The Incredible Swimming Choir 2010

The Incredible Swimming Choir is a musical performance created especially for early-years audiences that takes place in a swimming pool.

There are surprises, beach balls and lots of songs – so join us for a swim and a sing with The Incredible Swimming Choir.

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Luvhart 2010

Luvhart is magical tale about two very special wind up figurines living inside a magical cuckoo clock. Presented as a visually quirky and whimsical journey through the changing seasons, Luvhart is a humourous piece of physical theatre accompanied by live cello exploring what it feels like to be lonely and the importance of friendship.

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Sparkalator 2010

A site-specific piece created for the Tramway, Glasgow, Sparkalator is a trip to the sky via Tramway’s elevator, made in response to a nursery child’s idea to turn the tap off on the rain in Glasgow.

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First Light 2010

Meet the Man in the Moon and a woman called Dawn as they work, play and meet at sunrise.
With few words and lots of music Platform’s Starcatchers Artist in Residence; Matt Addicott presents this delicate story of that magical moment when night meets day…

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Round in Circles 2010

Hoops and loops and spinning discs
Spotlights, drums and surprising sounds
A bowl that sings in a circle world
Where everything is round and round
Be part of a loopy journey where you can imagine, watch and play.

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Sprog Rock 2010

Sprog Rock brought together a range of musicians who hadn’t created or worked with this age group before. They played music not created specifically for the event, but some of their own work which they thought would be appropriate for the audience. The music was accompanied by animations projected onto the walls.

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Will You Be My Guinea Pig? 2010

Will You Be My Guinea Pig? was an interactive installation involving live drawing, music, projection and a giant guinea pig.

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Space Dust 2010

We set out to explore new ways of bringing creativity into the crèche, using extended in-role improvisation, principles of naive play and a child led narrative. In other words we made a spaceship, dressed up and pretended to be aliens living in the crèche with children aged 0-4 for a week to see what the response would be and to listen to their suggestions to move the story on.

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The Elf Experiment 2010

Elf Experiment was an exploratory performance workshop which visited nurseries across East Glasgow. Created by Matt Addicott and incorporating other performers and musicians, it allowed the artists to draw on the responses of the children to inform the development of the workshops.

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This Workshop Sucks 2011

Professor Katy and Doctor Matt have tried almost everything they can think of to make the biggest Hoover the world has ever seen.

They’ve got safety specs.

A big space.

And a ton of small explosives. All they need now is small children to help out.

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The Attic | 2017/18

Grandma and Lucy are up in the attic where all the memories are stored.

Hidden in dusty containers at the top of the house, they have been waiting a long time to come out and play. Come up the stairs, blow away the cobwebs and peep into the boxes. Who knows what might happen when the sleepy attic comes to life.

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Multi-coloured Blocks from Space 2011

A visual art and sound installation for babies and toddlers aged 0-2 and their families. Together they will enter a magical world of colourful, dancing projections underscored with tinkly electronic music. Given space to explore and play, the children are free to let the environment spark their imaginations.

This is an environment with no instructions. It has been designed as a space for adult and child to explore together.

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The News & Weather 2013

The News and Weather is a short film created by children from 6 nurseries in Falkirk and East Glasgow, assisted by Starcatchers Associate Artists Matt Addicott and Katy Wilson and filmmaker Joanna Susskind from digital and analogue artists collective Toad’s Caravan.

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The Sonic Playground 2013

Welcome to a place where your footsteps make sounds and your movements animate the space. Welcome to the Sonic Playground, an interactive installation for young children aged 2+ and their carers. A space filled with music and electronic sounds to play amongst.

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Yarla and the Winter Woods 2013

By Jen Edgar – part of the Playground Project

Yarla lives in the woods. It is Winter time, and so he is listening.

He can hear the wind in the trees, the birds in the sky, and the cracks and crunches of the woodland floor. But Yarla is only listening to the sounds of the sticks… and they are calling to him.

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Too Many Cooks 2013

Welcome to the world’s noisiest kitchen, where everything is not as it seems. Two cooks are preparing a special dish… it’s very loud and very messy and very… musical?

An inventive, playful and sensory experience for 2-5 year olds, where pots and pans cook up melodies and food becomes fun.

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Yellow Valley 2014

Yellow Valley is a loveable, contemporary, musical-storytelling performance, created especially for children aged 2 to 4 years old, inspired by Kenyan children’s book Who’s Calling by Charity Waciuma. Join us as we recreate this quirky story with live African music, electronic vocal effects and energetic performances to tell the tale of a feisty little girl and her animal friends who strike up a disagreement with another, cheekier, little girl (and all her animal friends) across the valley. Adapted and Directed by Xana Marwick

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A Small Story | Eine Kleine Geschichte 2014

A beautiful and intricate show bringing everyday objects to life for those aged 2 and over by Andy Manley & amp; Ania Michealis.

Let’s say…something begins, a movement, Maybe a touch, Time passes, Together, Sleep, eat, breathe, Love
Sometimes a quarrel, Enough kisses, From time to time cake, Life, A small story.

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Blue Block Studio 2016

Blue Block Studio is an exciting, innovative, creative play space for babies under 24 months and their grown-ups.  It offers the opportunity for adult and baby to interact in a friendly, inspiring and beautiful environment.

“Safe, stimulating and welcoming space for my baby. So respectful of their abilities and desires” Audience feedback

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Created by Hazel Darwin-Edwards and Abigail Sinar in association with the RSNO.

A quirky quartet of playful musicians create an enchanting classical music experience for 0 – 18 month olds and their grown ups. Discover two violins, one cello and one very mischievous raccoon.

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The Shape of Things 2016

This co-production has been in development since 2014 and brings together Scottish puppet & theatre maker Ailie Cohen and Marc Mac Lochlainn of Branar Téatar do Pháistí (Galway).

The Shape of Things is designed for 6 months-2year olds and their grown-ups and tours Ireland and Scotland Autumn/Winter 2016.

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MamaBabaMe 2018

MamaBabaMe is a beautiful dance, physical theatre and live music experience created especially for babies and young children aged 0-3 and their grown-ups.

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MamaBabaMe Spring 2017 Tour

MamaBabaMe is a new exciting dance co-production with Curious Seed, for children and toddlers aged 18 months – 3 years and their adults which toured Scotland in Spring 2017.

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The Attic | 2012

The Attic was created by Hazel Darwin-Edwards during the Inspire Project at the Byre Theatre, Saint Andrews. It first toured in 2011 and 2012.

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