Our Creative Journey: Creative Movement is an artist-led workshop for early years professionals, delivered through our core programme or through bespoke training tailored to the needs of your setting. 

Being able to recognise early movement patterns in babies and establishing awareness of how these evolve as a child grows is crucial for creating the space and opportunity required for healthy neurological and physical development.

Having the confidence to actively join with and support young children’s play through movement expands the potential range of their creative engagement.

Being down at the child’s level, understanding the way they move and what they see…it was just the beginning of what’s been a hugely exciting experience…

This session will focus on:

  • Developmental movement patterns in young children 0-5 – from birth to walking
  • How to create spaces and opportunities to encourage developmentally-appropriate creative movement including:

Movement in child’s play

Using props to encourage creative movement

How schema patterns inspire creative movement

Massage and appropriate touch

  • Creative movement for children with additional support needs – understanding a child’s physical journey from birth and how curiosity stimulates active participation for children with a range of needs

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