You can access our Creative Skills training in two ways: through our core programme, funded by the Scottish Government and delivered during 2019/20 in Aberdeen, Dundee, Midlothian, Glasgow, and two areas still be announced; or through bespoke training that is tailored to the needs of your setting.

Creative Skills artist-led training for early years professionals is energetic, colourful and fun. We build capacity by focusing on:

Your own creative confidence – everyone is creative; everyone is an artist. You can inspire, create wonder and introduce new ideas without dominating the creative process

Theory – why creativity is central to every child’s healthy development and how the expressive arts are tools for nurturing and developing this innate capacity

And practice – how to put expressive arts at the heart of your day-to-day practice and create inspirational learning spaces with babies and children.

Creative Skills Plus: SQA Level 7 Qualification

In 2019/20 we’re combining SQA-approved Level 7 Qualification: Creative Skills in Early Childhood Practice (24 credits) with our practical training.

You’ll further the learning from Creative Skills by focussing on the theory around creativity in childhood, as well as examining how to practically integrate creative skills into your practice.

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