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Artists, join us for our fortnightly online gathering to share thoughts, challenges, ideas & ways we can support each other during extraordinary times.

The next gathering is Friday 3rd July 2020 at 2.30pm on Zoom. The first half hour will be an opportunity for artists to connect with each other and raise any questions.

Heather Fulton (Starcatchers Associate Artist/Artistic Director Frozen Charlotte) discusses her discoveries in creating a safe and relaxed environment to kick off a positive creative experience. What are the important factors to consider when welcoming babies and their adults into performance spaces?

Here is the Zoom link to join the conversation:

Please email for the password to this meeting.


Your feedback

We have a growing list of themes for future discussions during our Artist Gatherings but if you have any ideas of things you would like to discuss please let us know. We’re also keen to receive any feedback you have about how you have found these sessions. Please email with any feedback/themes for future discussion.

Playspace is an invaluable and essential necessity for all artists to share their practice, connect, collaborate, learn and most of all to have a lot of fun without the pressure of time, space, finances or performance. It felt incredibly good and inspiring to just play with each other and get out of our comfort zone. I just wished Playspace was a weekly thing!” Playday participant




Playspace is Starcatchers’ artist development programme for artists committed to working with or developing work for babies and young children.


We support artists across all artforms at different stages of their careers – from those interested in learning more about working with this age group to those who are experienced and want to develop their practice.


Through Playspace artists will access support, training and mentorship. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, share practice and hopefully find inspiration to push the boundaries and create art experiences for this age group and their parents and carers that are high quality and innovative.


Playspace is divided into the following three strands, each offering a range of opportunities:


Space to Play – provides artists with the time and space to come together to exchange and share ideas.


Space to Learn – provides training, support and mentorship. Training and development sessions focus on the range of policies and research that are shaping early years practice, as well as early child development and child protection.


Space to Inspire – We want to empower artists to push the boundaries of their artistic practice, innovate, collaborate and connect with others across the sector both in Scotland, and further afield.


Playspace has been developed in collaboration with artists working with this age group, Starcatchers’ partners including Platform, Eden Court, and Aberdeen Performing Arts. A steering group will oversee development of the programme.


If you have any questions or would like to talk about any aspect of the programme please contact us on 0131 2902560 /