For wee ones (or adults!) who struggle with confidence when mark-making, drawing without looking at your paper can be a great way of getting rid of the idea of your creations having to “look” like something.


A mandala (“circle” in Sanskirt) is a circular pattern dating back as far as 400BC, used in religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. You can use natural materials, small objects or toys. Place one item in the centre, then radiate layers outwards to build concentric circles.


Lay your wee one on a blanket or towel on a smooth floor and slide them gently across the floor. Chat to them as you move – maybe they’re taking a ride on Santa’s sleigh, or sliding across a frozen pond?


If your wee one needs to wind-down but isn’t in the mood to sit still, find some slow Christmassy music online, switch off the big light and slow dance in the dim light from the Christmas tree.


It’s time to upgrade peekaboo! Cover your face with both hands – when you move them away, show us a different expression on your face. Great for festive video calls with wee ones.


This is a really simple drama game that gets you both out of the habit of saying “no” all the time. Try making a “Yes, and!” story together: whatever the other person suggests, no matter how silly, you say “YES” then add your own idea.


Go outside… on a mission! Is there someone who needs help? Or something you need to find? It can sparked by “clues” in your surroundings, based off of their favourite toys/stories, or whatever randomly pops into someone’s head.


With a little imagination, cracks in pavements, plants or rocks become their own miniature worlds. Slow down, find an interesting spot, then ask some “I wonder…” questions: I wonder who could live there? I wonder what they need?


Take a big deep breath, slowly breathe out, then say “Oh! My arm’s gone to sleep!” Completely relax one arm – you or your wee one can flop it about and it just falls back, completely relaxed. Gentle pats can wake it up again.


Make a sound (woof like a dog, rumble like a washing machine) and ask your wee one to find
or point to the object that makes the same sound. Start with sounds in the same room, then expand to sounds from around the home or even outside.