Children love gathering and mixing all kinds of store cupboard ingredients to make potions. Once their potion is complete, add washing up liquid and paint or food colouring, use a straw to bubble up lots of bubbles, then lay some paper over the top to let the bubbles make a magic potion picture.


Teddy wants to brush her teeth! Teddy is running upstairs to get dressed! I think Teddy might be
sad too – do you think he’d like a cuddle? Soft toys can be a great way to make stressful situations fun, or talk about feelings.


Does your wee one get more pen on themselves than the page? Today that’s OK! An hour before bathtime, grab washable felt tips, face paint or
anything safe for skin, and start drawing patterns on your arms, legs, anywhere you can reach.


Splashing in puddles, sticks and stones, swishing bunches of leaves or feathers or grass – there are loads of ways to explore rhythm outside! Start
with a stick, explore the different noises it makes on different surfaces and go from there.


Fill balloons with lentils, rice, sand or quinoa, tie securely & draw faces with different emotions on the front. Bonus creativity points for hiding them around the room and letting your wee one spot them, making the objects instantly more exciting!


Start by pretending one part of your body – a foot, a hand, a shoulder – has a life of its own and is “dragging” you along. ‘Heeeeeeeeeelp! My foot is out of control!’


Give your wee one a tub of water and a squirty bath toy (or clean medicine syringe) and see how many different things it can be used for – mini
water pistol, drawing on slabs, watering plants. The possibilities are endless.