Fraser Stone

Fraser has been a professional musician and educator for over a decade. Having created multiple rhythm based projects for schools around Scotland, he believes creativity is an innate quality found in everyone; it does not recognise the social divide or adhere to stereotypes. Creativity can be used to explore who we are and as a platform to… Read more »

Marion Geoffray

Marion Geoffray is a performer, theatre-maker and the artistic director of Theatre Sans Accents, an innovative bilingual theatre company promoting language learning through the arts to children and adults as well as producing original pieces of theatre by bilingual artists. Her practice is playful, multi-sensory and interactive challenging conceptions of identity and pushing communication boundaries.

Matt Addicott

Matt Addicott is a performance maker, theatre director and dramaturg. In addition to his freelance practice Matt also works as a programmer at Platform, an arts centre based in the east end of Glasgow.

He first worked with Starcatchers in 2007, performing in Little Light created by Andy Manleyand Vanessa Rigg and was Starcatchers Artist in Residence at Platform in Easterhouse, Glasgow between 2009 and 2011. A regular contributor to the Creative Skills programme, Matt is proud to be a Starcatchers Associate Artist and in 2019 has also led Playspace sessions for Starcatchers’ artist development programme and participated in the recent Erasmus+ project.

Hazel Darwin-Clements

Hazel has worked on several projects and residencies with Starcatchers as a theatre maker, performer and puppeteer. Most recently she has been co-leading a project called Expecting Something with parents under 25 and their babies, and also delivering workshops across Scotland for adults who work with Early Years as part of their Creative Skills Programme. She has created and performed several shows with Starcatchers including Hup, Too Many Cooks, the Forgotten Forest, the Attic and Round in Circles